About us

Hi, we are a small company based in British-Columbia, Canada.

We first decided to join our knowledge to create a Classified Ads website covering Canada and the U.S, Ad-Chum Classifieds, because of our experience in managing huge warehouses, computing and advertising. As this kind of website can take a long time to be populated enough before needing an extra pair of brains, we decided to create another website but with new stuff instead. But not every kind of products, only those on-sale, on rebate or dirt cheap. If we thought it would be good for us, it should be good for you too. Why pay full price when there is the same item lost in a warehouse somewhere available at -85%. (?)

Of course this is not the first website specialized in on-sale items, but there is not only one “All for $1” store in town.

Our goal is to choose those items wisely so you have the major categories and sub-categories with the most on-demand products at the best price, and some more, without dismissing some goods we found simply appealing, well done, maybe some new creations.

The result should be happy in-transit customers who keep our address in their favorites bar, or who sign-up for our newsletter, to stay in touch with the best deals on internet and start their search with us instead of learning later they could have had the same product way cheaper.

We’ll be pleased if our hard work gives you the satisfaction we reach for.

Enjoy your day.

Your Ad-Chum Team

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