About Us

# 1 – Is it beautiful?

One of the reasons we started this home decorating business is that during our own new home renovation we weren’t finding exactly what we wanted. As a family of talented photographers, designers, painters & cartoonist, we decided to make all by ourselves using a print on demand company to finalise our visions. When our decor was finished, we simply continued to create more and more designs for the benefit of all.

# 2 – How do we do it

It takes 3 days to a week to create those designs as we consider it finished when we are 100% happy with the result. First we travel a lot inside our imaginary worlds to find the perfect angle to reproduce our ideas, then we have to render them at the right size depending of the final project (wall art, rugs… or shower curtains have all different sizes). Then we incorporate them in mockups to make sure it will fit in a house environment. We upload our art to the printer and go through multiple steps until we can publish it in our store.

More Wall Art available in Auction pages

# 3 – Where we live

We live in Victoria BC, Canada which is situated on the Island of Vancouver. That’s where is our design studio. The fulfillment of your order & it’s shipping are made by our POD partners all around the world.

We like to go to Vancouver and Seattle by ferry, it’s always a pleasure and a magnificent trip. The Island is rich of First Nations culture and artifacts. You’ll find some reproductions of their art in our shop.

If you are planning a trip on the island, do not hesitate to contact us for some insiders tips! Have a nice day.

We also sell on ETSY. Visit our store. There is just less choice than here, on our main website.

Our Team

Phil/Ad-chum: Designer/Site manager

Sun: Designer/Cartoonist (Her website)

Tune: Artist/Logistics & Financial Officer